Hazardous Waste Disposal BC

Transformer Site Services

To save companies in British Columbia (BC) and other parts of Canada time and money, Aevitas owns and operates a fleet of transformer oil trucks, tankers and equipment to permit us to efficiently and safely deliver a variety of transformer site services:

  • Transformer draining
  • Transformer degasification
  • Transformer retro-filling
  • Transformer oil storage
  • Transformer dismantling
  • Transformer oil transportation

All site services conducted by experienced and highly trained personnel. All regulated waste materials removed from site will be properly disposed of at a licenced and approved processor. Aevitas owns and operates multiple facilities specializing in the destruction of PCB and non-PCB contaminated equipment and transformer oil.

In most cases the used transformer oil can be re-refined into a product for use in electrical distribution equipment. Aevitas manufactures and distributes our own line of transformer oil made from used oil as the basestock. Our re-refining process ensures that all contamination is eradicated. The final product is tested to meet or exceed industry standards.

To learn more about our MODEF60 transformer oil please click on the following documents:

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