Hazardous Waste Disposal BC


Aevitas has partnered with Loomis to provide cost effective recycling services to small quantity generators throughout British Columbia (BC) and Canada. Our company's Recycle-By-Mail program is a perfect solution for the shipment of small quantities of lamps, bulbs, fixtures, ballasts, batteries and mercury bearing items*. Aevitas' shipping containers and recycling services are available in one all-inclusive price, and all you have to do is click, pack and ship:

  • Our shipping department will forward your selected recycling box or boxes to you via courier within 24 hours (or up to one week, depending on your location).
  • Inside each box you will find a plastic liner and a shipping label. Printed on the outside of each box is a set of instructions detailing how to collect and package items for recycling.
  • Once your box is full, call Loomis at (800) 256-2247 to request a pickup.
  • Loomis will return your box to us where it will be promptly recycled.
  • To order your Recycle-By-Mail containers click here.

To learn more about our Recycle-By-Mail program, please contact our company today!

*Not all materials can be shipped using this program. See container description for compatible items.

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