Hazardous Waste Disposal BC

Lamp Recycling

Aevitas is Canada’s leading lamp recycling company. We pioneered the lamp recycling process over 25 years ago and operate the only commercial mercury retort in Canada. Our unique collection and processing capabilities provides customers in BC the ability to recycle spent lamps, ballasts, and fixtures.

Aevitas recycles mercury bearing and non-mercury lamps including:

  • Fluorescent tubes
  • CFL’s
  • Halogens
  • High pressure sodium lamps
  • Metal-halide lamps
  • LED’s
  • UV lamps
  • And more.

Don’t have a large quantity of lamps for recycling? No problem, our Recycle-By-Mail program is a pre-paid all-inclusive recycling option providing the box, shipping, and recycling. For more information click here.

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