Hazardous Waste Disposal BC

Industrial Waste Disposal

Our company's industrial waste disposal service includes the collection, transportation, transfer, recycling and disposal of industrial waste in British Columbia (BC) and Canada-wide. At Aevitas, we ensure that your industrial waste management process is safe and sustainable while controlling costs and minimizing long-term liability.

Aevitas' industrial waste disposal facilities include hauling yards, material recovery facilities, transfer stations and processing facilities, all of which are serviced by our reliable fleet of tankers, vacuum trucks and other specialty vehicles. Our state-of-the-art technology and equipment allow us to provide industrial waste collection or disposal services for any regulated waste materials generated from an industrial process, or waste by-products slated for disposal including liquids, solids, and sludges, such as:

  • Waste oil and oily water (drums or bulk)
  • Waste paint, stains, and other industrial coatings
  • Contaminated solids (from processes or spills, in drums or bulk)
  • Waste corrosives (acids and alkalines, in drums or bulk)
  • Waste Flammables (solvents, fuels, coatings, contaminated rags)
  • Empty containers with residue last contained
  • Spent lamps (mercury bearing and non-mercury bearing, fluorescent tubes, bulbs)
  • Spent Batteries (alkaline, nickel, lithium ion, cadmium, lead acid, etc)

Our extensive industial waste management services also provide companies across BC with safe and environmentally sound solutions for disposal of other waste products. Our services include:

Waste Services:

  • Lab Pack – On-site chemical technician to safely pack miscellaneous from storage cabinets
  • Analytical – waste characterization, metals, PCB’s and more
  • Transformer draining and disposal
  • On-site waste assessment

Other services:

  • Assured destruction (packaged products labelled "not to be sold", retained samples and prototypes, etc)
  • End-of-life electrical equipment (transformers, ballasts, switchgear)
  • On-site remediation and demolition

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